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Get Creative with Caroola

Working in the creative industry? If you're rockin' it in the copywriting, design or graphics game, chances are the right side of your brain is calling the shots; this is where the magic happens. Your imagination game is on point, your inventiveness is off the charts, and your outside-of-the-box thinking is legendary. You're like a unicorn in a field of horses, and your creativity sets you apart.

How to work as a creative

Let’s face it, as a creative, it’s not all brand books and portfolios. You have to deal with the boring stuff too. Payroll, corporation tax return and filing your personal tax return. Aka, the numbers… That’s where Caroola comes in.

Caroola can help you get on top of the numbers. Be it working through a limited company, as a sole trader, or as an umbrella employee. Caroola will help take care of the left brain problems so you can keep rockin' your right brain game!

Why should creatives appoint an accountant?

Well, the simple answer is it saves you time. Time is so important, especially for creatives. We all know the pain of last-minute ‘small’ tweaks, vague briefs and the client deciding to go with version four when you’re on version fourteen. Appointing an accountant could help free up the time you spend on your accounts.

It's not just about saving time, it's about valuing that precious commodity of yours. Let's do some number crunching, shall we? If your time is worth £50 an hour and you spend 8 hours a month on accounting tasks, that's a whopping £400 worth of your time that could be spent doing something you love. With our packages starting at just £40 a month, you can spend more time on the things that matter to you & leave our team to do what they do best; helping you with your accountancy.

We help:

  • Copywriters
  • Photographers
  • Influencers
  • Artist
  • TV/Radio Personalities
  • PR
  • Designers

Plus, a whole lot more

Services for creatives

Our services are as unique as your style. Whether it's annual accounts, payroll, or taxes - we've your back. So you can focus on being the ultimate creative superstar.

Sole Trader Accountancy

From £40/month + VAT

Not quite ready to go limited? Compare our accountancy services for Sole Traders.

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Limited Company Accountancy

From £90/month + VAT

Accountancy packages for limited companies. Get supported today.

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Umbrella Employment

Discover on Parasol

Enjoy unbeatable employment solutions from our sister company, Parasol.

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