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How does using an umbrella company affect my take home pay?

Parasol, our sister company, ensures high level service delivery and meets all the above criteria.

If you compare umbrella company take home pay figures, you'll see that there's little to no change in what you will take home between the various umbrellas.

The only factor that will affect your take home pay is the umbrella margin. Be cautious of basing your decision on price alone; consider the service level you'll be receiving and ensure the umbrella company complies with HM Revenue and Customs rules and regulations.

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Parasol have kindly been provided a few points to think about.

  • Fixed fee structure - some Umbrella Companies charge a percentage of your invoices which can prove extremely expensive.
  • Compliant with HMRC rules and regulations - but can they prove it? Of course everybody will say they are compliant but what awards/accreditation do they have to back this up.
  • Check that they are a genuine employer – an umbrella company should provide you with a contract of employment which gives you all the employment rights and benefits as permanent workers.
  • Guaranteed service levels - most Umbrella Companies will promise a variety of things but unless there is a clear service guarantee, you have very little recourse.
  • Established company & part of a chartered firm of accountants and industry body such as the FCSA (Freelancer & Contractor Services Association) - as the Umbrella Company will be receiving your funds first, you need to be sure they won’t disappear with it.

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We understand that the right support by your side is crucial, whether you're working through your own limited company or under an umbrella. That’s why our sister company, Parasol, is here to help.

Using their years of experience in supporting contractors, they’re well placed to get you up and running and give you the tools to help you throughout your career.

Limited or umbrella - is using an umbrella cheaper than using an accountant and going limited?

The best route to take is based on your individual circumstances, such as your assignment rate, the length of your contract and how much admin you want to take on. Going limited and using a firm of accountants like us offer fixed-fee per month services. That may not be too far off what many umbrella companies charge - usually around £25 per week. This often comes as a surprise to clients who are lead to believe going limited and using an accountant is the more expensive route.

If you meet a certain set of criteria, any accountant will tell you that working through your own limited company is the most tax efficient option. We've done some case study examples to give you

Compare Umbrella with Limited

Both options offer a number of pros and cons, depending on your circumstances. Our free guide will help you decide what structure is best for you.

  • Umbrella & Limited – the differences between the two structures.
  • Advantages & disadvantages – which route is best for you?
  • Rates of take-home pay – how much could you earn?

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