A Guide to Becoming a HTML Contractor

Contracting in the technology sector is an extremely lucrative career choice, as the industry is constantly evolving and businesses are increasingly relying on contractors to cover spikes in demand.

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What is a HTML developer?

HTML (hypertext markup language) is the computer language used to create web pages. A developer with specialist skills in this field will be responsible for making the graphic designer’s design a reality by coding the website. It’s a technical role but often the graphic designer will consult with the HTML contractor to ensure that their design can be coded.

What skills are needed?

The skills required of an HTML contractor include problem solving, creating websites using languages such as HTML, XML, Java and CSS. Patience and persistence, being able to think logically and critically and being thorough and detailed in your work are all excellent assets to have as an HTML contractor.

Every day tasks for an HTML contractor include:

  • Developing coding standards
  • Deploying websites
  • Resolving application issues
  • Designing web applications
  • Supervising server performance

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