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It’s likely that you’ll have heard about SAP, but what exactly does it mean?

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What is SAP?

SAP is a global software business that provides a wide range of Systems, Applications and Products (SAP) to help small, medium and large companies streamline their processes, operate more efficiently and seize opportunities.

From working with financial services companies to global energy firms, retail and public sector organisations, SAP is a leader in its field, offering its clients many different outsourced services.

These include; consulting, CRM, marketing solutions, software provision and much more. SAP has a vast offering, with each product geared to improve agility, raise productivity, enhance customer experiences and increase profits.

Why consider becoming an SAP contractor?

Other than enjoying flexibility, getting the chance to work on a variety of challenging and interesting projects, there are two stand-out advantages to becoming an SAP contractor, in particular. These are:

Countless opportunities

The sheer size of this business, the breadth and depth of services it offers and the number of organisations that use its solutions means there’s no shortage of opportunities for SAP contractors.

Career progression, leading to higher rates of pay

Contractors can also complete SAP training, to receive a certification that opens the door to commanding higher rates of pay.

Some of these courses are free, others you have to pay for. But with over one hundred to choose from - whether project management, data management or business planning - as an SAP contractor you’re in a strong position to earn more.

For example, statistics shared by the jobs board Indeed, suggest that 72% of those trained in SAP have made more money as a result.

How to find SAP contractor jobs in the UK

You won’t need to look far to find SAP jobs or SAP contractor roles.

Many listed on job sites are to work on projects that SAP is delivering for its clients. This is why having an SAP certification won’t only prove useful in securing the contract but also in hitting the ground running.

Other contract roles advertised are to work on systems implemented by SAP, which is why having a base-level or even deep understanding of these processes are important.

In addition to checking the careers section on SAP’s website, it’s worth setting up alerts on the following job boards:

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