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Computer programming languages allow us to give instructions to a computer, in a language the computer understands. Just like different languages across the world, there are an array of languages used to communicate with computers.

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What is C#?

Examples of programming languages are Python, Java, C, JavaScript and SQL. As well as these languages, C Sharp (C#) is a language which was created in the early 2000s, designed to work with Microsoft’s .NET platform.

It also makes programming simpler, as it builds on existing code rather than duplicating it.

Why is C# popular?

As well as being a widely-used programming language, there are plenty of reasons why C# is popular amongst IT developers.

These include the following points:

  • Simple to start: C# is what is known as a high level language. It is close to other programming languages such as C, C++ and Java, meaning it can be simpler to learn.
  • Used by developers: C# is used for developing web and desktop applications. If you want to create a Microsoft app, then C# is the language to learn.
  • Widely known: C# has an extensive community, so continuous support and developments are available.

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Why are C# contractors in demand?

C# contractors have a strong knowledge on one of the most popular programming languages. The demand for C# jobs is high, and keeps expanding with time. From what started as a small job sector, the opportunities have increased giving contractors the chance to choose which company they wish to work for.

Not only that, but the C# language is constantly evolving, providing opportunities for contractors to offer their support and expertise when needed.

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